" Curran got the evening off to a brilliant start, really encouraging the crowd to feed off their energy and by the end of their set they had won many new fans I am certain. Some of their catchy self-penned numbers had a country vibe for sure, there was some fantastic lead guitar playing and lead vocalist/songwriter Mark Curran had phenomenal charisma." - ThinkCountry.Com

"Fabulous mix of Rock & Country - think Bon Jovi circa 'Lost Highway'

Introspective, thoughtful lyrics, and classy musicianship.  Cracking Solo too."

- LYRIC Magazine

 ”The toughest act I have had to follow for a long time!”

- Tucker Beathard

"Alas, like a fiery comet, Curran were gone too soon,

leaving you wanting just a few tracks more and with a wish

they had been the headline act." - Trebuchet Magazine

     In an era of Talent Show winners and disposable pop stars, CURRAN stands out from the rest,  not  only  as  singer/songwriter's  but  as  bona fide Rock Stars. 

Born  in  Ireland, and raised in the working class state of  New Jersey,  Mark Curran was surrounded, and influenced by a plethora of music's finest, from Johnny Cash to Bon, Jovi, and Waylon Jennings to Bruce Springsteen. 


     Having  spent the last couple years touring with such acts  as  FRANKIE BALLARD,  TUCKER BEATHARD,  BLACKBERRY SMOKE,   DRAKE WHITE,  and THE CADILLAC THREE,  




    Blending hard rock hooks with country melodies, Curran are hoping to bring back a much-needed excitement to music. Building upon great and honest songwriting,  CURRAN  leave their hearts on the stage every time. '

Whether it's five people or 5,000 people, it's the same show!' 'We're just trying to play honest music and entertain you!  All we're  asking  for  is  a chance,  come  see  us.  I promise you won't forget us!'


                                                                                                             Look  for  CURRAN'S  new EP, 'The Lonely Road of Faith',  on MAWL Records. 



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